traminetteTraminette 2015– Semi dry, light body                                   $14
A gewurtztraminer hybrid that grows well in Bucks County. Crisp with pink grapefruit tones that pairs perfectly with spicy foods.

Photo: Bob & Doris Elliott. circa 1946


rieslingRiesling 2016 -Semi dry, Alsatian Style                                      $16
Alsatian style (Alsace Loraine, NE France).  A crisp wine with lemon/lime flavors. Pairs well with chicken or seafood.

Photo: Aunt Pinky and Tommy (First grandchild) circa 1940


naked-chardonnayNaked Chardonnay 2015– Semi dry, Medium Body                  $14
Chardonnay not “dressed” in oak. Better known as Chablis in Burgundy, France.  The green apple and pear notes make this a nice pairing with pork.

Photo: Doris, Aunt Anna and Aunt Betty. circa 1940


chardonnayChardonnay 2015 Semi-dry, Medium body                               $16
Burgundy style Chardonnay with hints of apple and vanilla derived from lightly toasted French oak.  A good choice with tossed salads and soft cheeses.

Photo: Aunt Pinky.  circa 1939


pinot-grigioPinot Grigio 2016– Semi-dry, Medium body                             $15
Called Pinot Gris in Burgundy, France and Pinot Grigio in Lombardy, Italy; Stone fruit flavors of peach and apricot which pairs well with pork loin, ribs and chops.

Photo: Doris and Aunt Betty. circa 1940



pinot-grigioPinot Grigio Rosé 2015– Semi-dry, Light body                   $15
The gray or lavender colored skins of the Pinot Grigio grapes are left on for 24 hours after harvest; creating an unique color and taste. Flavors of cherry and caramel pair this wine well with poultry dishes.

Photo: Doris and Aunt Betty. circa 1940


chambourcinChambourcin 2015 Dry, medium body.                                   $15
A French hybrid grape grown in France in the Loire River Valley. The mix of Cherry and plum flavors pair well with lean cuts of meat, pasta, and pizza.

Photo: Robert Elliott, Jr.  circa 1948


smokehouseSmokehouse Red– Dry, medium body                                      $17
A name for our blended red wine derived from a old photo of the family’s smokehouse. A blend of Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin makes it our most versatile red that pairs with most cuts of red meat and pasta.

Photo: Bob Elliott, Sr.  circa 1930


cab-francCabernet Franc 2015 Dry, medium body                               $18
A classic Bordeaux, France grape that is the parent grape of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is noted for it’s black pepper, licorice and anise tones. Great pairing with the richer cuts of meat.

Photo: Robert Elliott, Sr & brother William. circa 1935


cab-sauvCabernet Sauvignon 2016 Dry, medium body                      $20
Another classic Bordeaux, France varietal. Our driest wine with an embodiment of black raspberry and blackberry flavor with hinted oak undertones. Great with thick cuts of red meat.

Photo:  Robert Elliott, Sr.  circa 1935


pinot-noirPinot Noir – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
The premier red grape from Burgundy, France. A light body, dry red with a dominant wild cherry flavor. No oak is used in this wine as to not interfere with the remarkable cherry flavor.

Photo: Deborah, daughter of Robert & Doris Elliott. circa 1963


portRuby Port – 2015 (750ml) Semi dry.                                           $30
A full body, cherry/plum after dinner delight. Not too sweet, not too dry. Without question, the perfect pairing with dark chocolate.

Photo: Robert & William, Sr. with brothers in law. circa 1938


Reserve Reds (aged 4 years or more) currently sold out


just-marriedJust Married – Semi dry, light body                                         $15
A blend of select white grapes with citrus flavor. Not too dry, not too sweet. A thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift.

Photo: Bob & Doris’s honeymoon car. circa 1946


sangriaRed Sangria– Sweet, medium body.                                       $15
A Brazilian style Sangria made with tropical spices. This is our summer, pool party wine.

SUMMER SPECIAL: Wine ‘Slushies’ Available for $5

Photo:  Gramma Elliott and son Robert, Jr. Circa 1930



dandelionDandelion– (375 ml) Very Sweet                                               CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – EXPECTED RETURN MID SEPTEMBER
Made from the yellow blossoms of dandelion flowers. A prohibition era family recipe; usually a honey/pear flavor with a changing profile every year. Best served ice cold or with a slice of fresh fruit in a cordial glass.

Photo: Great granddaughter, Jessica.  circa 2010



everything-niceEverything Nice – Sweet spice wine.                                       CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – EXPECTED RETURN MID OCTOBER
A winter holiday spice wine. Tastes and smells like apple pie, made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes with selected spices to compliment vanilla ice or cheesecake.  Best served warm.

Photo: Granddaughter Dorinda. Circa 1970